Helaine Soller - Artist        


The drama discovered in every day events and the beauty of nature engages my imagination.

My plein-air expressionist landscape paintings balance realism with abstraction to reveal intimate views of nature. Seeking to incorporate awareness of nature into everyday environments I am continually challenged to invent a personal language using spontaneous brush strokes to react to patterns of color and light that are ever changing. The beauty and drama found in the fragile ecosystems of pond plants and reflective water express universal concerns for the environment.  I work directly on canvas imaginatively combining observation, sketches, and photographs, drawing gestural lines choreographing and loosely plotting the composition’s flow, infusing the paintings with a sense of freedom and discovery. I create space that is at once flat and yet suggests the third dimension.

My narrative figure paintings and drawings reflect social interactions. I synthesize elements emphasizing the drama of a moment in time. Dialogues develop through the viewers interpretation.


Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings

All images © Helaine Soller. All rights reserved. No reproduction without written permission.

Taro and Lotus, Acrylic, 30”x40”

Water Environments Exhibition NYC

Rev: 6/12/17